What is the structure of Rap Music?

By | April 12, 2021

Basic structure

Rap songs follow a similar structure as most popular music, but like all music, there is a lot of variety. The basic structure of a rap song is verse one, chorus,
verse two, run, bridge and run. Often an intro and outro can be added to that structure.


Verses usually consist of rapping, not singing. Most rap songs have at least three verses, sometimes many more, sometimes fewer.


The chorus of a song is the part that is repeated at least twice, and often much more. The Qur’an usually contains the hook or the part that connects people to the song. The hook is often melodic or contains a phrase that will stick in a listener’s head.

Bridge or demolition

Sometimes called ‘middle eight’, the bridge of the bridge differs from the verse and the chorus, but usually refers to one or the other. A song’s bridge gives a different aspect from the chorus and the verse, which is repeated and usually only once.

Intro or Outro

Most popular music songs have an intro, outro or both. These sections are often instrumental and present melodic, harmonic and rhythmic themes of a song before the artist begins to rap or sing.

Posse Cut

A posse cut is a popular technique in rap where a song has at least four verses by members of a group or members of different groups. Most if not all of the Wu-Tang Clan’s songs could be called posse cuts. Rap, or hip hop, is a genre of music that began in the 1970s in New York City. It consists of looped beats or samples and synthesized instruments, with rapping, a vocal style in which the artist or motorcyclist speaks lyrically and rhythmically, often using rhymes and verses. Since its mainstream crossover in the late 1980s and early 1990s, rap has become a dominant presence on charts.