What is Tribal Fusion?

By | April 10, 2021


Tribal fusion’s roots are found in the American tribal form of belly dancing that originated in the 1960s in San Francisco by tribes such as Fat Chance Belly Dance and individuals such as Jamila Salimpour. is one of the newest forms of belly dancing. The ATS style has group improvisation techniques and complicated body isolations that form the basis of tribal fusion. Fused on this basis are elements of hip hop, gothic, bhangra, modern dance, gypsy and other folkloric stylings.

Costly common conditions

Aside from the ATS movements sharing the different stem fusion groups in common, they also tend to favor certain aspects of costuming that set them apart from other forms of belly dancing. tribal dance community in general prefers heavier, richer fabrics to the satins and chiffons worn by their cabaret counterparts. The cabaret’s pearls and sequins are being replaced by kuchi jewelry, shells, mirrors and junk in the tribal dance world. tribal dancers lean more towards choli-style tops instead of the bra bubbles ‘bedlah’.


The Gothic tribal fusion mix is ​​one of the most popular versions of this dance form. Many of the young women who have embraced tribal belly dancing as an art form are the same young women who have always had a gothic taste for their personal appearance. They have a tendency to macabre in their costumes, dance accents and music choices for a pointed effect.


Branddans sounds good for a merger with ATS, which is evident from dancers like Wyldfyre and the tribe is called Tribal Fire. The props used in fire dance are more accessible within a tribal setting than with cabaret-style belly dancing, and the cost of tribal style is less likely to catch fire.


An emerging style of tribal fusion is that of temple dancing. Within the United States, a tribal expression of temple dance allows for ritualistic and improvisational dances within a neo-pagan or occult environment. Temple dancing, probably more than other forms of tribal fusion, often draws equally from both tribal and cabaret movements and costume pieces. Tribal fusion is one of the many styles in the belly dance world. Although derived from the American Tribal Style belly dance, tribal fusion aims to mix the ATS basics with pieces of choreography, costume and accents from any other dance style that appeal to the individual dancer or tribe.