What size guitar should you buy for a child?

By | April 4, 2021

Classical guitars

Classical nylon string guitars are available in both full and 3/4 sizes that are intended for people with smaller buildings and children. Nylon strings are also easy to push down, so children can produce a cleaner sound more easily.

Acoustic guitars

Steel acoustic guitars also extend in 3/4 and full size. Even the thicker strings can be harder for younger children to push down until they develop real hand strength.

Electric guitars

Electric guitars are much smaller in size, both in neck and body, than the other two types of guitars. This makes them a good starting guitar for children. They also come in 3/4 sizes if your child finds a full-sized electric electricity too large to handle.


Buying a 3/4 size guitar allows your child to start playing the guitar at an early age. This will benefit them immensely when they are big enough to handle a large guitar.


Just as children grow out of clothing sizes, they will also grow out of the 3/4-sized guitar and need to buy a full-size instrument. This can be expensive. But if the child is to use 3/4 guitar for more than two years, it can be an economically feasible alternative.


The 3/4 star guitars look like they are full size guitars, although they may have fewer frets. This corresponds to a smaller playing area, although 3/4 size guitars provide more than enough range for beginning players to work with. Learning to play the guitar can be a fun hobby for people of all ages or experience levels. One thing to keep in mind when buying your child their first guitar are they ready for a full size guitar, or would a 3/4 size guitar be better to start with? By knowing your options when buying a guitar, you will ensure that your child has a well-built, well-suited instrument to work with.