What’s the point of ” Draco Dormiens ”?

By | April 9, 2021


‘Draco’ is a Latin dragon, but it is also the name of an important antagonist in the Harry Potter series. In addition, the dragon can be replaced with the snake, which is the symbol or mascot in Slytherin’s house. Slytherin is home to many of the most dangerous and evil characters in Rowling’s series. Finally, the dragon can be a symbol of Lord Voldemort, Harry Potter’s nemesis.


‘Dormiens’ is a gerundive of ‘dormire’, which means ‘to sleep’ in Latin. The adjective defines a calm state of the dragon and gives birth to the irascible nature of the animal. The word may also describe Hogwarts’ school as a bastion or safe space in a dangerous world. These interpretations are important to the plot of the Harry Potter books, as Lord Voldemort’s power diminishes and Hogwarts serves as the main setting.

Synonym Phrase

‘Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus’ corresponds to the phrase ‘Let sleeping dogs lie’ and it is advisable for individuals to avoid stirring up problems. Ironically, the phrase is the antithesis of the actions of the books’ main character, Harry Potter. Yet the phrase itself is symbolic of the authority, knowledge and experience of Hogwarts administration and teachers.

Cassandra Claire

‘Draco Dormiens’ is the first work in a series of Harry Potter fanfiction by Cassandra Claire. The series centers on the character Draco Malfoy and adorns Rowling’s story of the character presented in the Harry Potter books. Cassandra Claire’s work can be found in the references.

Banner analysis and interpretation

Many other interpretations of the meaning of draco dormiens are given on Harry Potter fan pages, some of which are in the resources. JK Rowling’s fan base has created new mythologies and understandings of the author’s work, and many do not believe that the phrase ‘draco dormiens nunquam titillandus’ is just a motto. ‘Draco dormiens’ is Latin for ‘sleeping dragon’. The term is used in JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series as part of Hogwarts’ crest motto – ‘draco dormiens nunquam titillandus’, which means’ never tickle a sleeping dragon’. Although the phrase is a funny statement, many readers believe the motto is a key to Harry Potter’s series.