Where can I find instructions for making a tumpiano?

By | April 5, 2021

Local instructions

Use an online resource like the Satisfied Mind website at satisfied-mind.com. Read the list of materials, make sure you have the necessary supplies and follow the instructions and sketches on the diagrams to build a tumbliano.

Alternative instructions

Use an online resource such as the Lacma Web site at lacma.org. Read the items needed, make sure you have relevant materials and follow the instructions to build a thumb value.

PDF file with instructions

Use a PDF file to create an inch piano. Go to harpkit.com. Open and print the file. Assemble the materials needed, and follow the instructions to build a tumor piano. If you are unable to open a PDF file, download Adobe Viewer for free from adobe.com. A thumb piano is a musical instrument that consists of a small wooden box with metal keys that is played by picking with the thumb. The design originates in Africa. The most effective way to find instructions for building a thumbviano is to use online resources that are free, have sketches or photographs and can be printed. Links to the placement of various instructions for tumor discs are included in this article.