Where can you get free karaoke songs

By | April 8, 2021


The best place to find free karaoke songs is online. One such website is homemusician.net. It offers an alphabetical karaoke song archive. Although the artists are limited and most of the songs are older, the download process is quick and easy. When you go to play the song on your computer, you can see the words highlighted in purple to cue you when the music is playing. The downside is that it has limited saving features, so it can be difficult to transfer the download to a CD or MP3 player. However, this site offers the ability to search multiple engines for additional downloadable karaoke songs. In addition, homemusician.net offers the extra option of creating your own karaoke CDs by downloading a program that allows you (for about $ 40) to remove vocals from unlimited CDs and mp3 files.

Another great site for downloading free karaoke songs is freekaraoke.com. There is a wide range of 1,780 songs to choose from, but again, most are older songs. Again, the songs are pretty easy to download and play but hard to save. Just like with homemusician.net, the words are highlighted on the purple cue screen.

Other sources

There are a few other places to find free karaoke songs. One is the library. Some libraries may have karaoke CDs in their media collections.

Some cable companies like Comcast On Demand offer a free karaoke menu for their digital cable subscribers. You can also use your own computer equipment with its audio and video features to create a personal karaoke song library.

Check with local schools. Sometimes they sponsor events such as dances and other social events that may involve karaoke music, and it is possible that they have karaoke songs that they no longer need or want. Schools may also have karaoke songs available to check out from the library.

Service organizations such as Rotary, Kiwanis, and Lions Clubs may have thrown parties in the past where they used karaoke songs and equipment. If they do not anticipate that they will do more karaoke activities in the near future, they may either be willing to lend you or even let you have their karaoke stuff take up space in their facilities.

Local karaoke clubs may have some songs that they want to get rid of when updating their song boxes. Sometimes churches have karaoke functions and have some songs or music that they do not want and want to give you.

You can also check with companies or non-profit organizations that regularly hold events to see if they have any karaoke songs that they would be willing to donate to your cause. The advantage of watching offline is that you probably have more flexibility when saving these songs in useful formats such as CDs and mp3 files. Karaoke is a popular pastime. If you like to sing at the top of your lungs somewhere or somewhere besides the shower, you can find your songs to sing along to in some comfortable places.