Where to sell used CDs

By | April 11, 2021

Websites that specialize in buying used CDs

Sites like SecondSpin.com and CashforCDs.com buy used CDs for a range of prices from 10 cents to $ 5 for a standard CD and more for rare CDs or box sets.


Retailers often also buy used CDs to sell. FYE usually pays between $ 1 to $ 4 per CD. Local stores, such as Bullmoose Music, will provide more for store credits, so the seller can get discounted new media.

Auctions online

eBay and Craigslist are great resources for selling used CDs, especially in bulk to reduce organizational hassle and shipping costs. Rare albums can fetch much higher prices on these sites than in stores.

Legal precautions

When you sell an album, however, it is no longer yours and should not remain in another form, for example on your computer or on a copied CD.


Selling used CDs benefits everyone involved because it gives money to the seller and the stores you sell them to. It also makes it possible for artists to gain more exposure through a second owner. There are many different arenas to sell your unwanted, used CDs, either for mutual value or straight money. Sales can be made online or in a number of stores.