Which strings are better for acoustic guitars?

By | April 11, 2021


Acoustic guitars take steel strings that are wound in bronze or phosphor bronze.


‘Heavy’ gauge strings are often louder and richer but can be very rough at the fingertips of a new player. ‘Light’ track strings can sometimes sound tinny and tend to break more easily, but are better for playing easily, especially if you bend your strings a lot.

Common against wounds

A regular strand is just a thread, while a wound strand is a thread with another thread wrapped around it. Generally, your first and second strings will be regular and your last four strings will be injured.


There are many manufacturers of acoustic guitar strings, but D ‘Addario, Martin, La Bella, DR, Dean Markley and Rotosound are some of the most popular brands.


Depending on how often you play, you want to change your guitar strings every three months. Even if they still feel strong, the dirt and oils from the fingers can get into the strings and make the vibrations uneven, which affects the tone and playability. If you are just starting to play the guitar, here are some tips to help you find the best acoustic guitar strings for you.