Why use a loopstation

By | April 8, 2021


New features in some loop effect pedals are loop quantization, which is used to round input and output to the nearest tempo in the tempo to help with perfectly time-delayed loops, multiple inputs and recorded rhythm loops to jam along with. Boss RC-2, RC-50 and RC-20XL, industry leaders in loop processing, boast up to 16 minutes of recording time. With the ability to save up to 11 different loops at a time, as well as the power to change the pace without sacrificing fidelity, these pedals show almost limitless possibilities.

Exercise / Composition

Every musician with the most basic composition can see the benefits of being able to play upwards of 10 minutes of music when rehearsing, composing or just rehearsing. The next time you come up with an idea for a bass line, or maybe a melody, just record it in the loop station and listen to it play your music back to you. Once you have recorded the first idea, you can start building on it, adding harmony, rhythm and maybe atmosphere.

Go Solo for Band Practice

Sometimes it can be difficult to get together with other musicians who participate in your passion and musical abilities. Even if you have overcome the difficult task of finding the right musician to play with, you may run into schedule problems due to jobs or other demands on your time. For these evenings, it can probably be just as satisfying to sometimes connect to a loop station and let all your ideas interact with each other, which can lead to the further development of old ideas as well as the formation of new ideas and sounds.


For performance purposes, loopstation effect pedals can also be practical and effective tools. Maybe the guitar lead in your new song would sound bigger and richer if it was stored with two other guitar sounds. Maybe you can harmonize the melody and add second and third guitar parts, all without recruiting or hiring additional musicians. The introduction of a loop station in your power chain can do all this without major problems.

Product height – Boss RC-50

The Boss RC-50 is the mother of all looping stations. This master loop unit has up to 49 minutes of recording time and 99 loop spots, which can be grouped into up to three master loops. The pedal is equipped with a USB input for backing up audio files, as well as importing wav files. Boss RC-50 is an impressive equipment with seven foot switches to control your patches, as well as undo and restore options. Loop effect pedals have been around for over 25 years, but they are only starting to pick up speed due to impressive innovations from professional pedal makers. Basically, which loopstation effect pedals you record and store a certain amount of sound depending on the pedal, which can be played until you turn off the lock. Loop stations can be used for live performances, rehearsals and recordings.