Downloadable Beat Making Software

If you’re thinking about using one of those amateur level web based beat makers or in other words an online beat maker, read this before opting in or buying access to one.

Online beat makers are way over rated! You are far better off spending a little extra money on a professional software or downloading one of the programs I’m about to mention(very affordable). There is some really good music production software that can be downloaded to your computer and installed with just a few clicks of your mouse button and by using any of the following you will get a LOT more features, sounds and you wont need an internet connection to use them.

So, what is a good downloadable beat making software that YOU can afford?

Downloadable Music Software Under $50

#1. Dubturbo
#3. DrDrum
#4. Sonic Producer
#5. MegaMusicMaker

Professional Music Production Software $50+

#1. FL Studio
#2. Ableton Live
#3. Logic Studio
#4. Cubase
#5. Magix Music Maker

It doesn’t matter if your style is hip hop, rap, dubstep, or techno all of the above programs will have everything you need to make pro music. Now, of course everyone will be different and have different preferences so do check them all out.

If you’re a beginner I highly recommend either Dubturbo or BTV Solo because they are both very affordable and have a huge list of features, sounds and an easy to use interface. They also come with some of the best video tutorials on how to make beats.

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