How to buy single music from guitar books

By | April 7, 2021


Visit a local guitar center or the guitar center’s website to purchase individual notes. Each guitar center has a large double-sided rack that contains both full songbooks and individual notes from most of the best musicians.


Visit the Hal Leonard website to purchase individual notes. Hal Leonard is the publisher that actually produces most of the songbooks that the stores sell. Almost every musician who has a songbook created for their music – that music will be purchased directly from Hal Leonard’s website.

Go to the eBay website to shop for individual guitar music. You may be able to find sheet music at a cheaper price as well as any sheet music that is not available at your local music store by shopping on eBay.


Visit your local mall to shop at a variety of guitar music stores. Sam Goody, FYE, Hot Topic and Borders are all stores that are usually located in malls that sell individual guitar music.


Browse Ultimate-Guitar or 911tabs guitar websites to possibly find the music you are looking for. These pages contain guitar music for most of the popular past and present musical acts, and all information is free.

Guitar music is generally written in one of two forms. The first is by using guitar tabs, which is a concise way to write and understand guitar music. The second is through standard music notation, which requires a deeper understanding of musical structure. For most regular artists, music books are created for each of their albums that contain guitar tabs as well as standard music notation for each of their songs. But if someone just wanted the notes for a certain song, there are also individual songs for sale.