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About Chet Atkins

Early life Atkins was born in Luttrell, Tennessee on June 20, 1924. He graduated from high school in 1941 and had already become an excellent guitarist, spending most of his early career on various music-related jobs. h2> New Sound By 1946, Atkins had performed at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. But he insisted on… Read More »

Lightscribe Media Information

Hardware You need a Lightscribe-enabled device, identifiable by the Lightscribe logo or a sticker. It can be an external device or built into your computer. Software You also need Lightscribe System Software, which can be purchased and downloaded. The type of software you need depends on the labeling software that came with your computer. Lightscribe… Read More »

How to make Hip Hop Beats with a free music program

1. Download and install the demo version of Fruity Loops from the FL Studio website. The demo version does not have all the features of Fruity Loops full version, but you can still do full length shots. 2. Click the ‘packs’ button in the sample browser. Scroll down to the ‘hip hop’ section. Select one… Read More »

How to choose a violin to buy

1. Examine your local violin and music stores and familiarize yourself with the types of violins that each store carries. Specialty stores will likely have a wide range of violins, while a general music store may offer a smaller selection. Choose a store that allows you to try the instrument and it has a customer… Read More »

How to buy music for MP3 players

ITunes Online Music Store 1. Go to the iTunes website (see Resources) to download the latest version of the Windows operating system software. Mac users should scroll further down the page for download instructions. ITunes is the most popular way to buy music for MP3 players. Once the software is installed locally on your computer,… Read More »

Progressive alternative music

History Progressive alternative music is a fusion of traditional progressive rock concepts and alternative music styles such as metal, punk and hardcore. Many groups have also merged cultural music styles such as Latin and hip hop. Features Progressive alternative music tends to avoid traditional song structures. Most music is not performed according to the standard… Read More »