How to record streaming audio on your computer

By | April 12, 2021


Download a free streaming audio player. There are lots of streaming audio players available online for download but not all are free. You really need to do your research to find a free program online that is safe to download and free from viruses and spyware. The free audio recording software I use is called Freecorder 4. This is unique because it is one of the few free programs that allow you to save streaming audio in .mp3 format. Check the resource section below to download Freecorder. Apart from Freecorder 4, another high quality streaming audio recording program is Hi-Q Recorder. The free edition of Hi-Q Recorder does not allow you to save in mp3 format, however.


Once you have downloaded and installed the recording software, the next step is to record live audio from your favorite website. Once you have found the sound of your choice, open the recording program. Press the record button and play the sound. You must have your recording program open before you start playing the music, otherwise you will miss the beginning of the song.


Listen to the entire song or soundtrack and let the recording program capture everything. When the song is finished, stop recording and save the file with the name you want. You now have a copy of streaming audio saved on your computer so you can play it when you choose!

Tips and warnings

  • Do not record internet radio from websites / radio stations to which you do not have the right rights. To do so is against the law.
  • It is illegal to record streaming audio without the consent of the person streaming with it and the artist / author of the media. Recording streaming audio from the internet without an artist’s license is considered music piracy and is illegal. Make sure you have all the necessary copyright information and that you do not break the law before reco rding audio from the internet.
  • Have you ever wished you could record streaming audio from the internet to save on your computer? You can try using a PC microphone and sound recorder, but it is old school and gives terrible sound quality. Recording audio on your computer does not have to be that difficult! Follow these steps to easily record live music and audio from your computer for free.