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What is Cajun Music?

History Early Cajun music was developed by the academic people of Nova Scotia. The academies, who moved from western France to settle in the Canadian provinces of Canada, were expelled by British authorities in 1755. Many of them moved down through New England and into Louisiana, taking the music with them. The Acadians had developed… Read More »

Macarena Dance Steg

Beats 1 to 4 Extend your left arm straight out at shoulder level and turn your palm up. Repeat with your right arm on bar two. Turn your left palm down, as the arm continues to extend at bar three, and repeat with your right arm at bar four. Beats 5 to 8 Cross the… Read More »

How to apply KISS Make Up

Gene Simmons KISS Makeup Prepare your face by washing it thoroughly and patting it dry. 2. Use a makeup sponge to cover the entire face with white makeup, from your hairline to your jaw. 3. Use the black eyeliner to start drawing on the face. Starting an inch above the inside of your eyebrows, draw… Read More »

What are the percussion instruments used in an orchestra?

Orchestras consist of four different instrumental sections that include string, brass, woodwind instruments and percussion instruments. A percussion instrument is an instrument that is not classified as string, brass or woodwind. The percussion instruments act as an orchestra’s rhythm section, creating special effects and producing unique sounds to give mood to pieces of music. Many… Read More »

How to record streaming audio on your computer

1. Download a free streaming audio player. There are lots of streaming audio players available online for download but not all are free. You really need to do your research to find a free program online that is safe to download and free from viruses and spyware. The free audio recording software I use is… Read More »

How to Repair Fender Super Sonic Amps

1. If there is a total lack of sound coming from the amplifier and the power indicator is lit, you know that the amplifier is receiving electricity, but something is blocking the signal path. This is probably due to burnt filaments in the tube of the amp. If the filaments do not light up at… Read More »

How to prepare to perform a monologue

1. If you have not chosen a monologue yet, either go to your library or bookstore and get some monologue books and scripts. Many auditions require you to do two contrasting monologues to show You can choose between different kinds of emotions. Try to choose two monologues where you can never imagine the characters being… Read More »

How to legally sell CDs

Know what you are selling 1. Know what you are selling. Real bootlegs – with their hand-printed or blurred, photocopied sleeves – are easy to spot. But look at pirated copies of legitimate or promotional CDs, which record companies give away to build audiences for new releases. First check the bottom of the disc. If… Read More »