HDTV LCD and Plasma TV Facts

By | April 4, 2021

LCD professionals

The LCD screens are very bright and do not reflect as much as plasma which is good for rooms with many windows. They are not subject to burn-in if you leave still images on the screen

LCD Cons

When an LCD screen is displayed at an angle, the screen loses some contrast, color and brightness. Some LCDs (especially LCDs) that are not 120hz) have problems with very fast movements that cause moving images to be blurred.

Plasma professionals

Plasma TVs work very well when they show dark blacks and can make the pictures more natural due to the contrast provides. Unlike LCD screens, the plasma can handle movement very well without being blurred and also maintains its image quality no matter what angle it looks from.

Plasma Cons

Plasma TVs use more electricity than LCDs and can increase your power bill. Images can be burned in plasma screens if left on for a long time.

Plasma / LCD Eit she is nice

Both types of HDTVs have a very long lifespan, with proper use they should be at least 10 years. They are both also good if you want to mount them on a wall because of their small depth. When it comes to high definition TVs, the most common question is LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) or plasma? There is no clear answer to this question, there are good sets in both options. There are times but when one is better than the other. Depending on what you need, you can decide which is the best option for you.