How to dress like Michael Jackson and convince others with your looks that you can do the Moonwalk, even if you really can not

By | April 12, 2021


One of Micheal Jackson’s most famous appearances comes from the music videos ‘Beat it’ and ‘Thriller.’ Buy yourself a leather orange or a red jacket with lots of zippers or buckles on it.

Buy tight pants in orange, red or black. Make sure they show off your white socks.


Buy black loafers.

Buy a white sequenced glove and wear it on your right hand. His brothers wore gloves at their funeral.

You can also dress all black with a black fedora.


You can wear an outfit that is either all gold, or all silver. Many Micheal Jackson’s concert costumes reminded me of outer space because of all the silver and gold details.


Wear a shirt that is checked


Wear a black bracelet around your upper arm. He wore a black bracelet for all starving children around the world.


Buy military jackets with shiny buttons, shoulder plates and embroidery.

Tips and warnings

  • If you do not want to look just like Micheal Jackson, look for pieces that are synonymous with these keywords: shiny, colorful, leather, bright, black, sequins, glitter, rock star, space age.
  • Despite the constant criticism of the media, Michael Jackson became a legend. His artistic style will always be unique. Many have tried to copy Michael Jackson’s appearance and music but they were not successful. You can try to integrate his style into your wardrobe, but let me assure you that you can not look exactly like him. I will write about Micheal Jackson’s most famous clothes and the parts you can include in your clothes.