How to start an Emo Band

By | April 5, 2021


Decide on the type of emo band you want to start by thinking about what rock purists consider ‘true’ emo, which includes emo originals like Sunny Day Real Estate, Rites of Spring and Moss Icon. You can also check out emo basics like Fugazi and Minor Threat. Alternatively, you can check out handsome emo bands like Fall Out Boy to see a more picture-emoticon band.


Get yourself a good emo band name since emo, even more than other forms of rock, requires an appropriate band name. If you can not fix something like emo like Nation of Ulysses, Shudder to Think, Circle Tar Square or similar emo noun phrases, then check out the Emo Band Name Generator that will invent great emo band names for you at the Click of a Button.


Keep your musical ensemble fairly bright, but make sure you have a competent (if not talented) bassist, a lead guitarist and a drummer. a female band member in the mix with an instrument that is usually played by women (such as drums or bass) brings up your emo street cred and helps you form an image for your band.


Make sure at least three out of four members have a unique, angular emo look. Dark eyeliner, low-cut hair, tight pants, black hoodies and usually dark-colored clothes are the way to go. If a band member wants to wear ‘just about anything,’ do not fight, because having a regularly dressed band member enhances your band’s emo look from the beginning.

One of the best things about starting an emo band is that the band’s looks and feel count just as much in the music. So, with some tips and the right way to start an emo band, you can attract regular bandmates and supportive crowds so you can keep your emotions pumping.